Is Your Website Sinking Your Business?

Two Website Design Hacks You Needed To Know Yesterday:

Nowadays having a website is like having a closet; pretty much everyone has one but the contents differ. The only difference is that not everyone can see the inside of your closet whenever they please. If you are cut from the same cloth as us, your closet is more than likely a work of art in and of itself, and if your cloth is a little edgier chances are you still appreciate a Pintrest worthy closet when you see one. So when you think of a medium that thousands of eyes can see, shouldn’t your website be at least as polished?

According to Forbes, you only have seven seconds to make a first impression when you meet someone. Cut that time by ninety percent when you switch an in-person transaction to an online one. Your website design needs to be top-notch if you want potential users to engage for longer than two seconds. the key to nailing that engagement starts with the design of your website.

Now ask yourself:

“Is my website design as sexy as it could be?”

A funny dog to improve your website design

Cause let me tell you, it should!

Chances are the answer is probably a hard to soft ‘No’. Before you start to freak-out keep reading, we have two quick and easy solutions to satisfy that thirsty audience of yours (and a couple industry secrets that you NEED to know). So read on my friend!


1) Let Dynamic Be Your Middle Name

No one likes looking at a stale, static landing page any more than they like to watch their grandma eat pudding; it’s boring and slightly disturbing. The first thing your audience sees should have a degree of excitement to it, something that catches their eye, AKA something that is dynamic.

An image depicting dynamic web design


Adding a high-quality video to your first fold not only adds that extra punch to your website but it also keeps all viewers on the page that much longer, which helps with your SEO ranking!

2) Say What It Is, But Say It Nice

When a future client lands on your website they should be able to know exactly what they are looking at and why, without thinking. In saying that, they should also feel comfortable looking at it, visually. Saying too much or saying it too aggressively can be as repellent as not saying enough or confusing your audience.

A group of people looking at website design on a phone


Craft a sexy two sentence pitch, clearly describing who and what you are by play on your value proposition or unique selling position. This will allow your audience to quickly understand what makes you better than your competition and why they should care.

All and all, your website is the online face of your brand, and let’s be honest, if anyone is going to want to look at it, it has to be pretty! So take some time to look at your current website and use these tips to make that website of yours as beautiful as it can be. If you feel your website is too far gone, feel free to reach out to us we are always happy to be a part of elevating your brand!

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