Is Your Website Badass Enough?

How To Improve Your Web Presence:

So here is the thing about the internet; everyone exists on it. You can—and some elusive folk do—try and hide, but let’s face it, the internet has become like a portfolio for all of our lives. It is like a glass display case for our work, our adventures and even our misadventures, whether we like it or not. The good news is that we can use it to our advantage and design a web presence that truly embodies the essence we wish to share with the world.

When people meet you, you have an opportunity to present yourself in a specific light that you curate each day. When people enter your brick and mortar store, they immediately know who your brand is and what you are trying to communicate to them. You have control of those things on a daily basis, but what about those things you can’t quite control?

Clean up your act.

Your website is like the face you are presenting to the entire world all at once, all the time. So, it better be an accurate representation of who you are. Spelling mistakes, improper usage of style guidelines, logo or fonts can subtly (or not so subtly) turn people off. The design of your website needs to be the most curated and polished element of your business. It needs to accurately speak to your brand and be designed to articulate your company’s values and mission.

Freaking out a bit now?

Did you have to Google yourself to see if you could see how you look from an outside perspective? Chances are your website isn’t quite up to the standards you would like it to be. Before you panic keep reading because we have compiled a straightforward list of three little things you can do to improve your web presence.

Tidy The Verbiage:

It is important to get your brand’s value across to your future clients but carrying on for two pages about why they should choose you over your competition may actually have the opposite effect. Look at your text and see how you can trim the fat and get your message across in a Twitter-equivalent length. Less is definitely more; if you can get value proposition across in two sentences, chances are it will have a greater impact than two paragraphs.

Commit to Your Colors:

The colors you choose go beyond your personal taste. There is a little thing, you may have heard of called color psychology. The classical interpretation of this is part of the reason FaceBook is blue and Happy Water is yellow. You can read more about this here, but I will go further than the traditional usage. The colors and tones you choose to represent your brand give off a specific vibe and create an ambiance for your customers, so if those colors are not consistent or change frequently, your customers could lose faith in your company.

Minimize to Maximize:

We can all agree that overcrowded websites basically screaming at you to pay attention to them suck. But what about the subtler clutter that subconsciously tells us we don’t like what we’re seeing? Design nuances can deeply affect people’s buying decisions and their innate trust in a company, so pay attention to detail and design because a curated web presence can take your online business from mediocre to stellar.

All is not lost, you can improve the impact of your web presence by heeding these three rules and if you want to make even more of a splash do some research and partner up with a great creative agency who speaks your language. And hey, that beautiful little team might not be that far away… If you live for beauty and minimalism and want your brand to reflect, that drop us a line

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